SISPRO: Um aplicativo de atendimento ao cliente para consulta processual

Donato, Eduardo Bruno de Almeida
Araújo, Igor Henrique Martins
Vasconcelos Filho, Julio Cesar Urbano


SISPRO is a system designed and developed thinking about communication and its benefits. Nowadays, the legal terms remain complex for most citizens, the processes are updated through movements, each of them having technical terms, which makes follow-up quite difficult for the general public. SISPRO came to elucidate these complex terms and streamline the daily life of lawyers and their clients. Seeking to improve agility, a mobile application was implemented. For the application to work more efficiently, it was necessary to develop a server that extracts and processes data in real-time from the Court of Paraíba. The work in question will explain how this project was designed and implemented, for that it was necessary to raise the requirements through surveys and questionnaires, as well as studies related to the area of user experience. Based on these ideas, SISPRO appears as a customer service application for procedural consultation.


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